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Kim Uljiro studied visual design and sculpture and is currently working as a media artist. Living in an era in which science fiction seems to be subverting reality on a daily basis, Kim subjectively reconstructs the units that comprise a living organism and explores logical ways to cultivate them in virtual reality.

Using digital 3D video, She explores the similarity between data and organisms from anatomical and physiological perspectives. He takes an interest in the ways that the materials/non-materials of reality and virtual reality operate and grow in different environments/interfaces and collects the landscapes that seem to exist yet remain unreachable that are produced during this process.

Major activities include the Solo exhibition 《Potting》 (2023, Exhibition space RE:PLAT) Virtual exhibition 《Sneak Peek》 (2021, ), the group exhibition 《What Things Dream About》(2024, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul), 《Bandi Walk: One Step Closer to Our Earth》 (2022, National Asian Cultural Center),《New Worker 1948-2020》 (2020, Ilmin Museum of Art), 《CAVA LIFE X The Sells》 (2019, New York), participated in the web 3D content 《Quarantine Etudes》visual directing and working as an Instagram AR creator, expanding the scope of work across areas where 3D graphics are interpreted.

Interviews: 2021 Cosmopolitan February issue, 2021 Amnesty International, 2021 FDSC, 2021 Naver Design Press

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Uljiro collaborates with variables built into the software, tries to establish a horizontal relationship with machines, and collects landscapes beyond the visual limits. <Defense Stance> deals with the nervous system of a snake that is wary of confronting the audience. In the exhibition hall equipped with an environment suitable for the habitat of ectothermic animals, lumps that move in the same shape are separated by layer and unfolded like anatomical data. With this, she wants the audience to recognize the space of the bunker as the body of a lively snake.